Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grandpa's Nature Challenge

A few days ago, grandpa issued a challenge to the grandkids, and it is really awesome.
Here are the details...and feel free to post your pictures here.

Grandpa invites you to participate in his new game, a Nature Challenge
This is a contest for my grandchildren over 5 years. Each task must be verified with a picture.
1. Find a Fossil
2. Find a Rock that sparkles in the sunlight
3. Find Moss growing on the side of a tree
4. Find a Branch or old piece of wood that looks like an animal. Name it.
5. Catch a Butterfly, grasshopper, or a spider and put it in a jar until pictured
6. Find a Red Leaf with yellow spots or a Yellow leaf with red spots
7. Find a Birds Nest
8. Find some Red Berries
9. Find Squirrel, Rabbit, or Deer Tracks
10. Find some Big Seeds and some Little Seeds
11. Find a Thorny Bush or Plant
12. Find a Big Pine Cone
13. Find a Wild Mushroom growing in dirt or on a tree
14. Cook a Hot Dog on a stick over a grill or campfire
15. Find a Bird Feather
16. Find Bird Tracks
17. Find some Birch Tree Bark or a Cactus Flower
18. Put a Dead Bug by an Ant Hole and see if the ants take it in the hole
19. Find an Acorn from an Oak Tree
20. Find a Caterpillars Cocoon or a Spiders Egg Sack on its web