Saturday, July 23, 2011


Your challenge is to find each of the items listed.
Take a picture of the item.
Email it to Grandpa Contest Headquarters. Deadline Sept 6, 2011

Cash Prizes and Trophies will be awarded to the winners with the most items found
1ST Prize $20 plus trophy
2nd Prize $15 plus trophy
3rd Prize $10 plus trophy
4th Prize $5 plus trophy
5th Prize $4 plus trophy
6th – 11th prizes $ 2 plus trophy
Bird’s Nest
Three Lobed Leaf
Shelf Fungus or Puff Ball
Tree Rings from Cut Log
Bird Feather
Any Animal Tracks
Vine (longer than 10 feet)
Path in the Forest/woods
An Animal that lives in a hole under ground
Bird with Long Legs
Red Flower
Toad or Frog
White Flower
Blue Flower
Pine Cone
Yellow Flower
Stone with Crystals that reflects sunlight
Fragrant smelling plant
Red Berry
Birch Bark
Bird that soars: Hawk, Eagle, Buzzard
Road Kill of anything
Rock bigger than 4 feet Square Knot
Bee Hive or Hornet’s Nest
Woodpecker Nest Sunset or Sunrise
Cloud that looks like an animal Poisonous Plant Purple Berry
Your favorite object in nature not mentioned above
Love Grandpa

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Grandpa's Nature Challenge

A few days ago, grandpa issued a challenge to the grandkids, and it is really awesome.
Here are the details...and feel free to post your pictures here.

Grandpa invites you to participate in his new game, a Nature Challenge
This is a contest for my grandchildren over 5 years. Each task must be verified with a picture.
1. Find a Fossil
2. Find a Rock that sparkles in the sunlight
3. Find Moss growing on the side of a tree
4. Find a Branch or old piece of wood that looks like an animal. Name it.
5. Catch a Butterfly, grasshopper, or a spider and put it in a jar until pictured
6. Find a Red Leaf with yellow spots or a Yellow leaf with red spots
7. Find a Birds Nest
8. Find some Red Berries
9. Find Squirrel, Rabbit, or Deer Tracks
10. Find some Big Seeds and some Little Seeds
11. Find a Thorny Bush or Plant
12. Find a Big Pine Cone
13. Find a Wild Mushroom growing in dirt or on a tree
14. Cook a Hot Dog on a stick over a grill or campfire
15. Find a Bird Feather
16. Find Bird Tracks
17. Find some Birch Tree Bark or a Cactus Flower
18. Put a Dead Bug by an Ant Hole and see if the ants take it in the hole
19. Find an Acorn from an Oak Tree
20. Find a Caterpillars Cocoon or a Spiders Egg Sack on its web


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Article in the Oakland Press